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Hi, my name is Julie Gardner. I have lived with or owned dogs for most of my life. At present I have three Dalmatians. Not the easiest of breeds. Often strong willed, very active, very stubborn and at all times you need to be one step ahead of them. The reward is wonderful, friendly and loving pets.


Dog walking dalmations


My third Dalmatian came along in December 2006 when we received a call from All Dalmatian Rescue, who were looking for a home for her. At five months she had already had five homes and being totally deaf (a condition common to the breed), there was very little chance that a home would be found for her. However, with lots of patience and training she now lives a normal life.


dalmationWe are often asked how we get her to come back to us on a walk without being able to call her and I have to say that most dogs I have met at times pretend to be deaf anyway!


Should you need further information regarding Dalmation rescue please contact either The North of England Dalmatian Club on 07941 861654 or All Dalmation Rescue on 01983 525225.

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